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Ensuring that our nation’s financial system is safe and sound is part of our mission and one of the important ways that we serve the American public.  The stability of our financial system is important for consumer confidence and the growth of our economy.

The Richmond Fed supervises and regulates a wide range of financial institutions including those that operate exclusively in small rural towns or bustling cities, across multiple states within the Fifth District as well as some of the largest financial institutions that operate across the nation and around the world.  Did you know, that just like consumers and businesses, financial institutions have to borrow money, too?  To meet this critical need, we provide financial institutions with access to liquidity through the Fed’s discount window.

Our team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise prides itself on being responsive and appropriately customizing our supervisory approach for each financial institution that we work with.  Are you a member of the Federal Reserve?  If not, we think you should be! 

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